Rada 4 pc Set Granny Paring Knife, Peeling Paring Knife, Heavy Duty Paring Knife & Knife Sharpener (Silver Handle)

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Granny Paring knife (R100) is the smallest knife that Rada creates at Rada Cutlery, The Granny paring knife is a very useful little tool that is perfect for an array of tasks and it is a great help in peeling all manner of fruits and vegetables, particularly when you need a knife that allows for a degree of finesse when cutting.

Peeling Paring Knife (R102) is the best tool you can find for the effortless peeling of fruits and vegetables.

It is great to fit for a wide range of kitchen tasks, Rada’s Heavy Duty Paring Knife (R103) is for you! Slightly longer handle, this knife gives the user superior leverage.

Keeping your knife blades sharp for prime use should be affordable, quick, safe, and easy. The Rada Sharpener (R119) is the tool that will keep your kitchen knives at their best. 100% made in the USA.